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Fall fashion closeup

About Us

La Mode Avec Manu was founded by a Parsons: Fashion Industry Essentials alumni to help clients discover their style and feel comfortable in their skin. Check out our services to learn what we have to offer!

Plus Size Model

Fashion is for Everybody & Every Body

We reject the antiquated belief that fashion is only for certain people. La Mode Avec Manu strongly believes that fashion is for every figure, body and shape.

A woman wearing a white button up shirt and jeans.

We are your Budget Friendly BFF

You don’t need money to look good or use our services. We are happy to work within your budget and offer sliding scale prices for our services. 

Woman in White Suit

Clothes and Confidence:
an Underrated Duo:

Did you know that scientific studies have seen a correlation between fashion and a boost in confidence? La Mode Avec Manu is committed to helping our clients find clothes they feel confident in.  

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