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Empowering Communities: Julianna Harry's Journey to Create Safe Spaces for BIPOC Mental Health

Julianna Harry has always loved connecting with people and offering assistance in any way possible. Despite the fact that she had always known that helping others was her true calling, Julianna grappled with feelings of discouragement when considering entering such a field. This hesitation stemmed from the stark absence of BIPOC individuals in similar roles "I didn’t know that someone who looked like me could help other people".  


After graduating from her undergraduate degree, Julianna took some time off to work at non-profit organizations, where she dedicated herself to supporting individuals with their mental health challenges. During this time, Julianna not only reignited her original dream of helping people but also came to recognize the value of her own cultural background. “While it is commonly stated that this field is over-saturated, it should be noted that this thought comes from a place of privilege as many minorities and communities are not served” she reflected. 


This realization served as a catalyst for Julianna to pursue her passion wholeheartedly. Fast forward a few years, and Julianna is the proud owner of Grey Couch Counseling and Psychotherapy, a mental health clinic based out of Toronto. However, for Julianna, this accomplishment is merely the start of her journey.


Julianna aims to expand her business to create a community hub specifically tailored to offer support to BIPOC women. This hub will serve as a vital resource, helping these women navigate the pressures not only of Canadian cultural and societal expectations but also the expectations of their respective home countries and cultures- essentially a space to tackle the modern issues of women in today’s society.


With this initiative, Julianna hopes to provide a safe and inclusive space for BIPOC women. A place where they can find understanding, support and build relationships with other BIPOC women as they navigate the complexities of their identities and experiences. 


As Julianna embarks on her journey with Grey Couch, she acknowledges that achieving her goals will take time and dedication. However, she is filled with excitement for the path ahead. To keep up with Julianne's progress and stay informed about the latest developments, be sure to follow her Instagram page. And don't forget to mark your calendars for March 22nd, when she will be relaunching her website! 

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