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5 Halloween Costumes that You Can Create from Your Own Wardrobe

Halloween is just around the corner. Not sure what look to do this year? Look no further than your closet. That’s right, use the pieces that you already own and create the perfect costume! Here are 5 Halloween Costume ideas that you can put together using items strictly from your closet!

Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family

Wednesday is our favourite "spooky" Addams family member! She marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn’t back down to anything or anyone. To get Wednesday’s look, all you need iss a black dress, a white collared top, black shoes and extra long socks or black stockings. Put your hair in some pigtails and you’re ready to go!


Greta Gerbig's Barbie was THE movie to watch this Summer and this Halloween you can totally dress up as Barbie. From a two-piece matching set, to a flowy or bodycon dress, as long as pink is involved, it has Barbie name written all over it. This look can totally give Elle Woods as well. Both characters would be a fantastic choice and will have everyone loving it!

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's

There's no denying of Breakfast at Tiffany's instrumental impact on the fashion industry and why the Little Black Dress became a wardrobe staple to begin with. This Halloween, you can easily emulate Audrey Hepburn's look; all you need for this iconic character is a set of pearls, a little black dress, some kitten heels and long black gloves and you're good to go!

Sandy from Grease

How can we forget Sandy Olsson from the iconic musical film, Grease (1978)?! Grease, the story of sweet and wholesome, Sandy (played by the late Olivia Newton-John) who falls in love with leather-clad teenage rebel Danny Zuka (played by John Travolta). The story ends with the two finding their way to each other and driving off in the Greased Lightning car

into the sky. Sandy’s look in the final music number of the film is the most memorable. Get

Sandy’s look with an off-the-shoulder black top, faux leather leggings, a pair of red pumps and red lipstick. Add some big curls to the mix to top it off.

Daisy Jones from Daisy Jones and the Six

Duplicate Daisy Jones' bohemian style by pulling out those bell bottom jeans you’ve been wanting to rock. Pair those jeans with a bell sleeved shirt or kimono and some cowboy boots and you're ready to party with The Beatles ‘Let it Be’ playing in the background.

For costume inspiration, start by looking through your wardrobe. See what pieces you can put together and create something new! It’s a fun and exciting experience leading up to Halloween, not to mention, it’ll save you the extra dollar. Let’s make this Halloween a creative one and head to our closet!


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