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Amazon Travel Must Haves

Planning your next trip? Check out these must haves to ensure you a safe, organized and trouble-free journey!

Portable Charger

There’s nothing worse than your phone dying on you while you’re out exploring a beautiful city. No pictures, no access to Google Maps, travelling without a working phone can turn into a serious issue, real quick. However, we can’t deny that things do happen, we may forget to charge our phone the night before or our phone battery isn’t as strong as it used to be and can barely last the entire day. That’s why the Ultra Compact External Battery Mini Power Bank is a must have! This charger from Amazon is small but mighty and can fit into any bag, even your pocket.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes is an organizers dream as they make sorting and organizing your suitcase so much easier. Amazon’s Kingdalux Packing Cubes are waterproof and come in a set of 9 including; a Toiletry Bag, Shoe Bag, Electronics Bag, Makeup Bag, Clothing Underwear Bag and Laundry Bag. Plus they are available in two adorable colours! The days of squirming through your suitcase searching for your things are finally over with these cubes!

Travel Bottle Set

Kitch’s Travel Bottle Set are a great buy when you are traveling with liquids. Not only is this 11 piece set a 100% BPA and TSA approved, it is also made with BPA-free non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. Carefully designed to meet everyone's needs, this ultimate 11 piece travel accessory is compact and lightweight . Don’t forget to scoop these up from Amazon, here!

Belt Bags

If you are loving Lululemon’s Belt Bags then definitely check out Pander’s Everywhere Belt Bag on Amazon. These bags are TSA-approved (and do not count as one of your carry- on bags) and gives you quick and easy access to your valuables such as your passport, wallet and boarding pass! These bags are also durable, water resistant, made from recycled materials and come in 9 different colours! Make sure to get yours from Amazon today!

Portable Door Lock

The Portable Door Lock is especially for my solo travellers. Portable Door locks provide you with additional safety, security and privacy from those who may have a key outside the room. You can carry and use this lock anywhere; your Airbnb, hotel, apartment and/ or hostel. The Portable Door Lock is durable made with heavy duty stainless steel and easy-to-use with a step-by-step manual. This item will bring you peace of mind and comfort during your stay away from home. There is a wide selection of locks, so choose the one that best works for you. Check out my favourite one here.

Go ahead, book that trip with a peace of mind! You will have an even better time, now that you are safe, secure and fully prepared for the unforeseen.

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